Duet (Email) w/ Micah Lexier - 2008

Varied Multiple, Edition of 2
12 @ 11.5" x 8", Printed on Archival Paper

For their first collaboration Lexier and Mark have borrowed the lyrics from Irving Berlin’s song, Anything You Can Do, composed for the 1946 musical Annie Get Your Gun. The song is a spirited and (faux) competitive romp in which Annie and Frank attempt to out-do each other. For the collaboration, Kelly Mark has assumed the voice of Annie and Micah Lexier has assumed the voice of Frank. The two have emailed the lyrics back and forth starting with the final line of song and working forwards so that the song is in the correct order in the final email correspondence. Each time a lyric is sent the email program automatically enters the date and time, changes the colour of the type and adds a bar so that by the conclusion, this simple call-and-response song is transformed into a complex and thorough document. This is first iteration of the work and it is the artists’ intention to create a number of pieces based on this duet.