I Really Should... (Fridge: 2 Versions) - 2000/2001
Permanent black magic marker on fridge
65" x 26" x 25.5" approximately
First image: Installation view of 12345 at The Contemporary Art Gallery, Vancouver 2000
Second image: Collection of the Winnipeg Art Gallery, donated by the artist

"In this work Kelly Mark has covered the front of a refrigerator with a series of statements, handwritten in Magic Marker, all beginning with the words “I really should.” This work was created at the WAG for Mark’s exhibition Important Instructions For Changing the World in 2001. In a home, the fridge is commonly used to display items such as notes and lists. By transforming the refrigerator into an extensive to-do list, the artist presents the inner turmoil of her everyday life. This generic list highlights guilt-inducing inadequacies as well as prescriptions for self-improvement. The truth and sincerity of the individual statements is undermined by an understanding that they probably won’t happen." - Winniepg Art Gallery collection description

Exhibition History:
1999 Kate's Apartment (Toronto ON); 2000 Hamilton Artists Inc (Hamilton ON); 2000 Contemporary Art Gallery (Vancouver BC); 2001 Winnipeg Art Gallery (Winnipeg MB);