108 Leyton Ave - 2014
Single-channel split screen video w/ sound
10 minutes, 13 seconds
Edition of 5
Collection of The National Gallery of Canada, donated by Jeanne Parkin
Video still

“Strung between the twin poles of pathos and irony, 108 Leyton Ave is Kelly Mark’s most personally revealing work to date. It is built from common expressions relating to “everything” and “nothing” and was developed over a period while Mark was living in the social isolation of a quasi-suburban limbo on Toronto’s eastern edge. “Everything” and “Nothing” are constructed as opposite but asymmetrical roles that she performs for a split-screen projection, plumbing the contradictions of her own personality to reveal the bravura and insecurity of having no one to talk to but yourself.” – Christina Ritchie (Text excerpted from Nothing is Larger Than Everything press release Diaz Contemporary, 2014)

Ivan Jurakic: 108 Leyton Ave (exhibition brochure) Waterloo: UWAG, 2015

Exhibition History:
2014 Diaz Contemporary (Toronto ON); 2014 One Night Stand (Lethbridge AB); 2015 Owens Art Gallery (Sackville NB); 2015 University of Waterloo Art Gallery (Waterloo ON); 2015 Edmonton Nuit Blanche (Edmonton AB); 2016 Plug In ICA (Winnipeg MB); 2016 Ikon Gallery (Birmingham UK); 2016 Sova Gallery: Cold Cuts Video Festival (Dawson City YK);