Scenes From a Film I'll Never Make w/ Alternate Scores - 2012
Single-channel video
31 minutes, 32 seconds
Light sources: Swinging bare light bulb, disco ball, television, xmas lights &candles. Dead Man: Josh Cleminson
Commissioned by Christina Ritchie for Scotiabank Nuit Blanche, 2012

"Kelly Mark has applied her longstanding interest in film and popular culture to use music for the first time in her work. Starting with a solitary figure in a room, she has recorded the scene using a series of different lighting conditions, creating five short clips. Then each clip is replayed with a different soundtrack. An uncanny result is that the light in each scene seems to shift in rhythm with the applied music.The selected tunes are either music that the artist has always felt would be great film scores or, alternately, music that she remembers from films because it has worked so well. Music can really make a film she says, reflecting her understanding of the atmospheric effects of a score and underlining her interest in how the soundtrack radically alters the way the piece is perceived".
- Curator: Christina Ritchie

Exhibition History:
2012 Scotiabank Nuit Blanche (Toronto ON);