Avant Canada: Poets, Prohpets, Revolutionaries


Published by: Wilfrid Laurier Univeristy Press. Waterloo, 2019
Editors: Gregory Betts & Christian Bök
340 page soft cover brochure
ISBN: 978-77112-352-5
PP 119-120 Letraset Drawings: "National" & "Time"

Avant Canada presents a rich collection of original essays and creative works on a representative array of avant-garde literary movements in Canada from the past fifty years. From the work of Leonard Cohen and bpNichol to that of Jordan Abel and Liz Howard, Avant Canada features twenty-nine of the best writers and critics in the field.

Buveurs de Quintessences / Drinkers of Quintessences

Group Exhibition Catalogue

Published by: Fonderie Darling, Montreal, 2019
Pulication Director: Ji-Yoon Han
Authors: Fortner Anderson, Caroline Andrieux, Thierry Davila
110 page soft cover book
ISBN: 978-2-9805703-5-3

The works in this exhibition, produced over the last ten years, express a wide variety of aesthetic registers, even though they share the same quest for the void, from both a critical point of view and a search for the absolute. A hymn to meditation, Drinkers of Quintessences brings together works in search of transcendence made by artists whose main concern is to emphasize the viewers’ direct experience of the work, bringing them to react on the very essence of art but also inviting them to let themselves be carried away by an experience beyond the gaze.

Renann Isaacs Contemporary Art: TEXT

Group Exhibition Brochure

Published by: Renann Isaacs Contemporary Art. Guelph, 2018
Curator: Renann Isaacs
20 page soft cover brochure

TRACE: Wayfinding in Contemporary Media Art

Group Collection Book

Published by: Museum of Contemporary Art. Belgrade, 2018
Curators: Dejan Grba (Serbia), Anna Novakov (USA), Yvonne Senouf (Spain)
Editor: Dejan Grba
Design: Andrej Dolinka
16 page soft cover book
ISBN: 978-86-7101-350-5

TRACE: Wayfinding in Contemporary New Media Art features artists who draw inspiration from different forms of situational awareness, transforming them into complex new platforms for reflection and discourse.

RBC Art Collection: Contemporary Works

Group Collection Book

Published by: The Royal Bank of Canada, 2017
Writers: David Balzer, Robin Anthony, Corrie Jackson
Design: Peter Ross & Linda Gustafson, Counterpunch Inc.
143 page hard cover book

Sign, Sign, Everywhere a Sign

Group Exhibition Brochure

Published by: Justina M Barnicke Gallery & The UofT Art Centre. Toronto, 2015
Curated by: Sarah Robayo Sheridan
Essay: Sarah Robayo Sheridan
Design: Anita Matusevics, Wonder Inc
11 page soft cover brochure

Drawing on a diversity of recent acquisitions in the University of Toronto and Hart House Collections, this exhibition considers how signs and symbols have been observed, adopted, and altered in the work of artists from early modernity to today. Selected by Sarah Robayo Sheridan, one of Toronto’s most respected contemporary curators, the exhibition captures the way in which commercial graphics shape urban landscapes, whether in the proliferation of billboards and screens, the identity programs of nations and institutions, or the visual logic of window display.

Hang in There

Group Exhibition Catalogue

Published by: Owens Art Gallery. Sackville, 2015
Curated by: Lisa Theriault
Essay: Lisa Theriault
Forward: Gemmy Kelly
Design: Robert Tombs
25 page soft cover book
ISBN: 978-0-88828-242-2

Hang in There is an exhibition of contemporary artworks that find humour in a struggle to reach full potential.

The exhibition includes artworks by Brandon Celi, Michael Dumontier & Neil Farber, Ray Fenwick, Kelly Mark, Bridget Moser, Jon Sasaki, and Ryan Statz.

Kelly Mark: Everything is Interesting

Solo Survey Catalogue

Published by: The Justina M. Barnicke Gallery, University of Toronto, 2014
Co-published by: Cambridge Galleries, Mount St. Vincent University Art Gallery, Kenderdine Art Gallery, and Art Gallery of Windsor.
Editor: Barbara Fischer
Design: The Office of Gilbert Li
256 page hard cover book
ISBN 978-0-7727-6073-9

Catalogue surveys the mid-career work of Canadian artist Kelly Mark.
Introduction by Barbara Fischer..
Essays by Jonathan Watkins, Christina Ritchie and Dan Adler.
Republished texts, reviews and interviews by: Dave Dyment, Robin Metcalfe, James Prior, Jenifer Papararo, David Liss, Brian Joseph Davis, Alan Dunn, Craig Buckley, Germaine Koh, Sara Krajewski, Ingrid Jenkner, Terri Whitehead, Jonathan Safran Foer, Kristan Horton, Micah Lexier, Gabrielle Moser, Christopher Régimbal, Robert Enright, Jen Graves and Eileen Sommerman.

More Than Two (Let It Make Itself)

Group Exhibition Catalogue

Published by: The Power Plant. Toronto, 2013
Author: Micah Lexier
226 page soft cover book
ISBN: 978-1-894212-38-0

This artist book was published in conjunction with the exhibition Micah Lexier: One, and Two, and More Than Two, curated by Gaëtane Verna and presented at The Power Plant from 21 September 2013 – 5 January 2014.

This publication features images of 221 artworks and objects made by 101 individual artists, duos, and collectives, selected and arranged by Micah Lexier for his ambitious curatorial project More Than Two (Let It Make Itself). Encompassing artists at varying stages of their careers, Lexier presents his take on the wide-ranging, multi-generational portrait of a robust Toronto art community. In seeking to celebrate this expansive community, Lexier brings to The Power Plant an incisive look at the networks of creative production that surround it. “The thirty vitrines that constitute the exhibition”, he states, “house my personal take on some of the wonderful, inventive, like-minded objects that I encountered during my research.” More Than Two is a vibrant portrait of the artist's diverse community.

One For Me And One To Share: Artists' Multiples and Editions


Published by: YYZBOOKS. Toronto, 2012
Editors: Dave Dyment, Gregory Elgstrand
204 page soft cover book
ISBN-10 0920397522

Artists’ multiples have been at the forefront of alternate means of artistic circulation and exchange for the last fifty years. Artists’ multiple production is frequently concerned with ideas of distribution, reception, value, and commerce, either to mimic, mock, or as an attempt to circumvent predominant economic systems entirely. Artists have frequently taken on the role of proprietor, retailing their works in stores, market stalls, and vending machines of their own design. Others have produced magazines, mail-order catalogues, and e-commerce sites in order to distribute works...

Featuring essays and interviews by Nicholas Brown, Mark Clintberg, Océane Delleaux, Dave Dyment, Gregory Elgstrand, Cary Leibowitz, Roula Partheniou, Harry Ruhé, and Jonathan Shaughnessy.

Bright: Typography Between Illustraion and Art


Published & Distributed by: DAAB Media GMBH, 2012
Scheidtweilerstrasse 69 / 50933 Cologne, Germany
Concept: Magma Brand Design
Edited by: Slanted Magma Brand Design/ Forward by: Christine Hartmann
424 page hard cover book, text in English & Deutsch
ISBN 978-3-942597-23-4

BRIGHT! illuminates typography which for many artists is loaded with creative potential. How much power of expression is contained in a letter, a word, or a sentence, when these entities, which are very communicative in character to begin with, are presented as images and objects? How does typographical information respond to its environment, to graphic complements, abstraction, or visual reversal?

Works included:
"I Don't Need a Therapist" page 192
"It's Just One God Damn Thing After Another" page 297
"Exist" page 339
"Nothing is so important that it needs to be made in six foot neon" page 346

Oh, Canada: Contemporary Art from North North America

Group Exhibition Catalogue

Published by: MIT Press
Massachusetts Museum of Contemporary Art & Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Cambridge, 2012
Curated by: Denise Markonish
Edited by: Denise Markonish
399 page hard cover book
ISBN 978-0-262-01835-7

Oh, Canada: Contemporary Art from North North America surveys nearly every province and territory from Newfoundland to the Yukon, grouping artists across generations by region, offering a new kind of travel guide with art as the main attraction. This book includes a detailed exploration of today's Canadian art from curators, writers, and artists in addition to maps, timelines, lists and more.

Micah Lexier & Kelly Mark: Head-to-Head

Two Person Exhibition Catalogue
Micah Lexier, Kelly Mark

Published by: Saint Mary's University Art Gallery. Halifax, 2012
Curated by: Robin Metcalfe & the Artists
Text: Robin Metcalfe
Design: Lauren Wickware
Photography: Steve Farmer
175 page soft cover book
ISBN 978-1-926740-05-8

Micah Lexier and Kelly Mark are mid-career Canadian artists, friends and colleagues who both received degrees from NSCAD University in Halifax, both live in Toronto and both collect each other's work. Since their respective graduations (Lexier, MFA, 1984 and Mark, BFA, 1994), both have produced prolifically, in a seemingly inexhaustible stream of work. Both have worked in a similar range of media: ink stamp-pads, business cards, wallpaper and text laser-cut or waterjust-cut out of metal; in multiples, neon and performance.

Commerce by Artists


Published by: Art Metropole. Toronto, 2011
Edited by Luis Jacob
386 page soft cover book
ISBN 978-0-9809184-4-1

Commerce by Artists documents a fascinating and sweeping range of artists’ projects produced since the 1950s by Canadian and international artists who have sought to engage, rather than merely represent, the commercial world
of which they are a part.

Encompassing canonical works such as Yves Klein’s Zones of Immaterial Pictorial Sensibility (1958), Seth Siegelaub’s Artist’s Contract (1971), and Lee Lozano’s Strike Piece (1969) — as well as innovative and rarely-documented works like Keith Obadike’s Blackness for Sale (2001), Kelly Mark’s In & Out (1997-ongoing until 2032), and Ben Kinmont’s Sometimes a Nicer Sculpture Is to Be Able to Provide a Living for Your Family (1998-ongoing) — Commerce by Artists is a comprehensive document of artworks that take the form of transactions and exchanges of value


Group Exhibition Catalogue

Published by: Varley Art Gallery & The Art History Graduate Student Association of York University. Markham, 2011
Curated by: Maria Alejandrina Coates, Karie Liao & Fiona Wright
Text: Meghan Sutherland & Amy C Wallace
52 page soft cover book
ISBN 978-0-9735896-7-2

Triumphant Carrot: The Persistence of Still Life

Group Exhibition Catalogue

Published by: Contemporary Art Gallery. Vancouver, 2010
Curated by: Jenifer Papararo
Texts: Jenifer Papararo, Trevor Mahovsky
Foward: Christina Ritchie
Photography: Scott Massey
Design: Jen Eby
Copy Editor: Anna Feldman Gronau
115 page soft cover book
ISBN 978-1-897302-42-2


Group Exhibition Catalogue

Published by: California Museum of Photography. Riverside, 2009
Curated by: Lisa Tucker
Texts: Jonathan Green, Lisa Tucker, Ken Rogers
45 page soft cover book
ISBN 978-0-9823046-0-0

Mediated features new works and recently produced single-channel video and installations by interdisciplinary artists Antoinette LaFarge + Robert Allen, Lim, Kelly Mark, Tracey Moffatt, Takeshi Muratoa, Danial Nord and Bruce Yonemoto. As video art has emerged and morphed from the early 1960's to the present, these artists continue to find innovative uses for information technology and media. From experimental theatre to pulsating abstraction, Mediated splices together new and used imagery, addressing current social constructs as well as conflicting perceptions of entertainment.

Kelly Mark: Stupid Heaven

Solo Exhibition Brochure

Published by: Vox Contemporary Image. Montreal, 2008
Curated by: Barbara Fischer
Text: Barbara Fischer
8 page soft cover brochure with French and English text
ISBN 1706-232

The Justina M. Barnicke Gallery (Hart House, University of Toronto), in collaboration with the Blackwood Gallery (University of Toronto at Mississauga), presents the first major survey of works by Kelly Mark in Toronto. Bringing together key works from the last ten years, the exhibition includes drawing, sculpture, video, performance, audio work, as well as multiples and recent, television-based projects. The exhibition will tour to MSVU Art Gallery, Halifax; Cambridge Gallery, Cambridge; Vox Contemporary Image, Montreal; Kenderdine Art Gallery, Saskatoon; The Art Gallery of Windsor, Windsor.

A Little Art Every Day as Directed

Two Person Exhibition Brochure
Kelly Mark, Jon Sasaki

Published by: Owens Art Gallery. Sackville, 2008
Curated by: Mary MacDonald
Texts: Mary MacDonald
Afterward: Gemey Kelly
11 page soft cover brochure
ISBN 0-88828-202-8

Acting, interacting and reacting. Artists Jon Sasaki and Kelly Mark explore the everyday through mimicking its conventions in video, photography, installation and performance. Ritualistic, repetitive and mundame, keep on keeping on! These are the realities of everyday life. Closely considered by both artists, qualities of the everyday are revealed to be minutely nuanced and profound, while at other times futile and absurd...

How Much Longer

Group Exhibition Catalogue
Félix Gonzales-Torres, Terence Koh, Micah Lexier, Kelly Mark, Andy Warhol

Published by: Belkin Satellite Gallery UBC. Vancouver, 2007
Curated by: JJ Kegan McFadden
Text: JJ Kegan McFadden
Design: Abbas Akhavan & Greg Gibson
8 page fold out brochure

The phrase 'how much longer' refers to a state in between. It implies an unmeasured distance before reaching the end, a sentiment akin to endurance. Time and duration are inter-dependent. Perhaps duration can best be discussed in terms of corporeal time. The idea of corporeal time infers endurance in terms of accumulation and decay. In essence, we understand time as it is seen on the body - how it is manifest through presence as well as absence. How Much Longer moves from a demarcation of the time 'in between' to consider the body as a site of endurance. The works presented here are viewed as pieces about duration vis-a-vis corporeal time. In considering subjects such as love and loss, week-long viral infections, sex acts, and the interconnectedness of art and labour, these works suggest endurance is enmeshed in the materiality of time.

Kelly Mark Thanks Everyone for Everything

Solo Exhibition Brochure

Published by: Henry Art Gallery, University of Washington. Seattle, 2006
Curated by: Sara Krajewski
Text: Sara Krajewski
4 page soft cover brochure
ISBN 978-0-9809184-4-1

Beauty and wit go largely unnoticed in out work-a-day urban lives. But to the perspicacious eye of Kelly Mark, our repetitive actions and inconsequential encounters reveal both the absurd and the extraordinary all around us...

Liverpool Biennial 2006

Group Exhibition Catalogue

Published by: Liverpool Biennial. Liverpool, 2006
Curated by: Manray Hsu
Texts: Manray Hsu, Declan McGonagle, Lewis Biggs, Gerado Mosquera
Editor: Paul Domela
Design: Pentagram
197 page soft cover book
ISBN 0-9536761-1-0

The official catalogue of the Liverpool Biennial International 06 exhibition, featuring all the artists from the show and texts from Declan McGonagle, Lewis Biggs, Manray Hsu and Gerardo Mosquera.

The catalogue details the processes the international artists undertook in order to produce new works for the Festival. Essays by selected artists, thinkers, and philosophers give the reader a perspective of the state of art as well as Liverpool during 2006.

Liverpool AZ: Kelly Mark & Tenantspin

Bookword to accompany video installation commissioned by the Liverpool Biennal International 06

Published by: FACT. Liverpool, 2006
Texts: Alan Dunn, Kelly Mark & participants
Design: Smiling Wolf
40 page soft cover book
ISBN 1-84631-062-8

Kelly Mark's Liverpool A-Z attempts to get to know Liverpool through 26 people whose first names begin with the letters A-Z. Filmed with tenantspin in a high-rise flat in Sefton Park the 26 episodes were first shown at FACT, via webcasts and on BBC Big Screen Liverpool during the Liverpool Biennale 2006. Kelly & tenantspin piece together a city in which no areas are deemed inaccessible, unnecessary or undesirable. The arts, law, history, philosophy, entertainment, sport, activism and media are all represented. As are the gaps in-between; people as citizens, observers, doers, participants in urban life and people as fine details of this great city, brought together to form more than the sum of the parts...

Prints Now: Directions and Definitions


Published by: Victoria & Albert Museum. London, 2006
Texts: Gill Saunders and Rosie Miles
144 page hard cover book
ISBN 1-85177-480-7

This book surveys the radical changes in printmaking over the past two decades. The fine art print is now a truly democratic art form, revelling in the possiblilites of replication and reproduction. In co-opting painting and sculpture, performance and dress, commerce and cyberspace, the print now encompasses everything from billboards and badges to clothes, cakes and carrier bags. Moreover, it is used to ask quesitons and to challenge assumptions, both about the ways we make art and the reasons for making it.

Situation Comedy: Humor in Recent Art

Group Exhibition Catalogue

Published by: The Independent Curators International. NY, 2006
Curated by: Dominic Molon & Michael Rooks
Texts: Dominic Molon & Michael Rooks
Forward by: Judith Olch Richards
Editor: Deborah Drier
Design: mgmt design
65 page soft cover book
ISBN 0-916365-72-7

Admit it: you've sometimes wanted to laugh at contemporary art. The leveling power of humor in Situation Comedy is used to break down the barriers of taste and to question authority at every turn. The comedic approaches employed by the artists in this exhibition range from existential wit to ridiculous slapstick, often serving as a foil for more substantive questions about current events, the human condition, and the art world itself.

Kelly Mark: Devon

Solo Exhibition Brochure

Published byn: Third Space Gallery. St John, 2006
Curated by: Chris Llyod
Text: Ray Cronin
Design: Lise Hansen
Translation: Claudine Hubert
Photography: Rae-Seung Kang
6 page soft cover brochure with English & French text
ISBN 0-9782041-0-7

The Tree Museum 2006: Responding to Nature

Three person exhibition brochure
Diane Borsato, Kelly Mark, Peter Von Tiessenhausen

Published by: The Tree Museum. Muskoka, 2006
Curated by: David Liss
Text: David Liss
Design: J Lynn Campbell
16 page soft cover book
ISBN 978-0-9687494-7-0

Infinity Etc

Group Exhibition Brochure

Published by: Mercer Union Centre for Contemporary Art. Toronto, 2006
Curated by: Dave Dyment
Text: Dave Dyment
8 page fold out brochure
ISBN 0-921527-85-3

Connect the Dots: MSVU Permanent Collection

Three Person Exhibition Brochure
Gerald Ferguson, Shaun Gough, Kelly Mark

Published by: Mount Saint Vincent University ARt Gallery. Halifax, 2006
Curated by: Emma Frank
Text: Emma Frank & Ingrid Jenkner
Design: Docaitto Graphisme
6 page fold out brochure
ISBN 1-894518-36-5

L'Envers des apparendes" (The Hidden Side of Appearances)

Group Exhibition Catalogue

Published by: Mussee D'Art Contemporain. Montreal, 2005
Curated by: Gilles Godmer
Texts: Gilles Godmer, Nathalie de Blois
Forward by: Marc Mayer
111 page soft cover book with French and English text
ISBN 2-551-22692-9

Free Sample

Group Exhibition Catalogue

Published by: Mount Saint Vincent University Art Gallery. Halifax, 2005
Organized by: Kelly Mark
Texts: Kelly Mark, Glen Johnson (aka Hugh Briss), Otino Corsano & the artists
Forward: Ingrid Jenkner
Design: Docaitta
67 page soft cover book
ISBN 1-894518-25-X

Dead Nature

Three Person Exhibition Catalougue
Rachel Echenberg, Louis Joncas, Kelly Mark

Published by: Ottawa Art Gallery. Ottawa, 2005
Curated by: Emily Falvey
Text: Emily Falvey
Forward by: Megan Williams
61 page soft cover book with French and English text
ISBN 1-894906-18-7

The exhibition Dead Naure, La vie immobile explores contemporary still life. Paired with Vanities, a concurrent exhibtion of still lifes from the Firestone Collection of Canadian Art and the National Gallery of Canada, it emplasized the Ottawa Art Gallery's dual focus on contemporary and modern art.

Selected Ikon Off-Site Projects 2002-2004


Published by: Ikon Gallery. Bimingham, 2005
Edited by: Helen Legg & Jonathan Watkins
Design: Herman Lelie
77 page soft cover book
ISBN 1-904864-13-9

This is the second publication documenting projects in Ikon's off-site programme. Taking place during 2002-2004, characteristically each conveys an unpreciousness about art, encouraging an understanding of the continuity between artistic experience and everything else.


Group Exhibition Catalogue

Published by: Art Speak Gallery. Vancouver, 2005
Curated by: Colleen Brown, Lorna Brown, Melanie O'Brian
Texts: Colleen Brown, Philip Kevin Paul
Forward: Melanie O'Brian
Design: Jen Eby
38 page soft cover book
ISBN 0-921394-50-0

Reliant on the tension of antipodes, the concept of spill conjures up containers that beg transgression: overflowing vessels, divulged secrets, expanded regions. The action of spilling is a freeing one, one that slips past restraints to find new loci for physical, intellectual and emotional inhabitation. The Artspeak series Spill approaches issues of containment, mongrel space and the psychological territories of guilt and consumer pressure...

Beyond in Western New York 2005

Group Exhibition Catalogue

Published by: Albright-Knox Art Gallery. Buffalo, 2005
Forward by: Louis Grachos
Design: Studio Blue
168 page soft cover book

Feinmotorik Kimpendium: Band 1


Published by: Maas Verlag. Berlin, 2005
MaasMedia Vol. 23
Text: German
263 page soft cover book
ISBN 3-937755-12-8

Works included:
"Pneuma" Letraset Drawing, page 108

Work Work Work

Four Person Exhibition Catalougue
Gerald Ferguson, Kelly Mark, Elspeth Pratt, Leslie Sampson

Published by: Mount Saint Vincent University Art Gallery. Halifax, 2004
Curated by: Ingrid Jenkner
Text: Ingrid Jenkner
Design: Docaitta Graphisme
36 page soft cover book
ISBN 1-894518-17-9

Visual artists are constantly in dialogue with vernacular practices. Work Work Work offers a glimpse of the dialogue as it looked ten to fifteen years ago, in the wake of Conceptual Art's radical deskilling and amateurization of the professional artist.

Important Canadian Art

Group Exhibition Catalogue

Published by: ZieherSmith Gallery. New York, 2004
Curated by: Curated by Scott Zieher & Andrea Smith
Texts: Scott Zieher, Andrea Smith, Lee Henderson & Jonathan Safran Foer
Design: Mary-Jo Valentino
32 page soft cover book

QSL Audio Publication

Group Exhibition Catalogue & Audio CD

Published by: Middlesbrough Institute of Modern Art UK. Middlesbrough, 2004
Curated by: Kelly Large
Texts: Kelly Large, Becky Shaw, Judith Winter
Forward by: Godfrey Worsdale
Design: Joanna Deans
79 page soft cover book
ISBN 0-86083-063-02

QSL is an audio project that predominantly involves artists who ordinarily construct the signs and symbols of their work in a visual format. In this case, however, the work of these artists is broadcast through the airwaves and onto the radios of people who might be innocently searching out a weather forecast or the news. This erratic, unprdictable and indecipherable level of reception is central to the conceptual framework of QSL, but it also creates a model which reflects the frailty and potential of all forms of communication, orchestrating the space between transmitter and receiver.

Beyond Words

Group Exhibition Catalogue

Published by: Mount Saint Vincent University Art Gallery. Halifax, 2004
Co-Published by: Bishops University. Lennoxvillle, 2004
Curated by: Ingrid Jenkner & Gaetane Verna
Texts: Zoe Chan, Vicky Chainey Gagnon, Ingrid Jenkner, Gaetane Verna
Design: Robert Tombs with April Britski
Translation: Gérard Boulad
175 page soft cover book with French and English text
ISBN 1-894518-18-7

Are visual artists who jam the written word simply avenging themselves on the writers who torment them with art-speak? Probably, but the opposite may be equally true: that artists who work with language want to understand it in new ways. The project of Beyond Words is to consider what might be learned from contemporary art that bids us look at - instead of through - language.

Important Instructions for Changing the World

Solo Exhibition Catalogue

Published by: Winnipeg Art Gallery. Winnipeg, 2001
Curated by: James Patten
Text: James Patten
Foward: Patricia E Bovey
Design: Frank Reimer
Photography: Ernest Mayer
144 page soft cover book
ISBN 0-88915-209-8

The Winnipeg Art Gallery is pleased to present Important Instructions for Changing the World, Recent Work by Kelly Mark. With a significant record of exhibitions across Canada and internationally, Kelly Mark has distinguished herself over the last ten years as an artist of intellectual rigour and dedication. This is evident in the recent installations, photographs, and works on paper included in this exhibition, which have been created since the artist represented Canada at the Sydney Biennale, Sydney, Australia, in 1998.


Solo Exhibition Brochure

Published by: Stride Gallery. Calgary, 2001
Curated by: Lisa Robinson
Text: Brad Marcoux
Design: MN Hutchinson & Diana Sherlock
6 page fold out brochure
ISBN 0-921132-58-1

Do Try This at Home

Group Exhibition Catalogue

Published by: Mount Saint Vincent University Art Gallery. Halifax, 2001
Curated by: Heather Anderson & Chrystal Clements
Texts: Heather Anderson & Chrystal Clements
Forward: Ingrid Jenkner
Design: Docaitta Graphisme
47 page soft cover book
ISBN 1-894518-02-0

In the professional art community there seems to be tacit agreement that aesthetic achievment, and even artistic expression of themes of social inequity, will be discussed as though these topics were separate from the economics of artistic production and reception. Perhaps this disposition is the outcome of middle-class educations and the sense of entitlement that such advantages bestow. In recent times it has been mainly minority and femisist artists who have voiced challenges to the status quo. So what is the status quo?

Mapping the Body

Group Exhibition Catalogue

Published by: Open Space Gallery. Vancouver, 2001
Curated by: Jessie Lacayo
Texts: Jessie Lacayo & the artists
Design: Todd Eacrett
10 page soft cover brochure

Maps have the power to define the reality of those who design them. They are powerful ways of making statements about the world. Maps present the interaction between culture and environment; they exhibit how we represent place and space. The works in the Mapping the Body exhibitions are in many ways exploring the places, spaces, territories, and boundaries in which the body has been defined.


Two Person Exhibition Catalougue
Kelly Mark, Ben Walmsley

Published by: University of Waterloo. Waterloo, 2001
Curated by: Carol Podedworny
Text: Carol Podedworny
Design: Betty Breen, Graphics, University of Waterloo
8 page soft cover brochure

Kelly Mark

Solo Exhibition Catalogue

Published by: The Hamilton Art Gallery. Hamilton, 2000
Co-Published by: Hamilton Artists' Inc & Contemporary Art Gallery
Curated by: Shirley Madill, Ivan Jurakic & Keith Wallace
Text: Ivan Jurakic, Cliff Eyland, Shirley Madill, Eileen Sommerman & Kelly Mark
Forward: Keith Wallace & Shirley Madill
Design: Branka Bidovic
40 page soft cover book
ISBN 0-919153-66-6

This publication is a collaborative project between the Contemporary Art Gallery, Vancouver, the Art Gallery of Hamilton & Hamilton Artists Inc. It is the product of three separate solo exhibitions of work by Kelly Mark.


Group Exhibition Catalogue

Published by: Art Gallery of Nova Scotia. Halifax, 2000
Curated by: Richard Mueller
Texts: Richard Mueller, Harold Pearse, Martin Barlosky
Forward: Bernard Riordon
Afterward: Garry Neil Kennedy
Design: Semaphor Design Co
Photography: Alvin Comiter
56 page soft cover book
ISBN 0-88871-627-3

As an exhibition, Wallpapers encompasses the spirit of art and learning that have come to characterize NSCAD. As a means for accessing funding through public sale, and as an installation incorporating the sponsor's offices, Wallpapers serves as a meaningful investigation into the relationship between art and patronage. Sponsoring corporations or institutions have had the wallpaer installed in thier offices. These installations were then documented as photographic portraits of the executive offices of each respective organization. BR

Wallpapers as an exhibition and as an installation engages two cultures: one, that of art production and the atmosphere of interpretive discourse surrounging the conditions of production, and the other, that of the art patron with the often cautious field of reservations associated with the perceived external controls surrounding the work. RM

Performing Generations

Group Exhibition Catalogue

Published by: Art Gallery of Greater Victoria. Victoria, 1999
Curated by: Laura McGough
Text: Laura McGough
Forward: Lisa Baldissera
6 page fold out brochure

The first question to emerge about this work has consistently been: What is performative video? Although performative video is not soley a documentation of a performance work, its origins are to be found there. Like performance, the aesthetic gesture is created by the body of the artist/performer: the message is quite precisely embedded in the medium. The video and web works in Performing Generations employ the strategies of video and performance art in their exploration of the everyday.


Group Exhibition Catalogue

Published by: The Art Gallery of Hamilton. Hamilton, 2000
Curated by: Eileen Sommerman
Text: Eileen Sommerman
Forward: Shirley Madill
Editor: Carol Toller
Design: Andrew Di Rosa
Photography: Michael Awad
46 page soft cover book
ISBN 0-919153-64-X

The exhibition, Centrifugal is a public art project that seriously addresses the environmental impact and function of a busy urban environment on the individual. Curated specifically for the City of Hamilton and installed in parking lots, the works in the exhibition offer strategic connections with the rapid movement of traffic in and out of the city.

Everyday: 11th Biennale of Sydney

Group Exhibition Catalogue

Published by: Biennale of Sydney. Sydney, 1998
Curated by: Jonathan Watkins
Texts: Jonathan Watkins, Nicos Papastergiadis, Viktor Misiano, Djon Mundine, Phatarawadee Phataranawik & Jan Allen
Foward: Guido Belgiorno-Nettis
Design: Graeme Walker
281 page soft cover book
ISBN 0-7313-8924-7

Kelly Mark: Present Tense

Solo Exhibition Brochure

Published by: Art Gallery of Ontario. Toronto, 1997
Curated by: Christina Ritchie
Text: Christina Ritchie
Design: Bryan Gee
4 page fold out brochure
ISBN 1-895235-50-2

On first approach Mark's work appears to be a reworking of minimalist and conceptualist strategies. This appearance has become increasingly familiar in the art of the 1990's, especially in the work of women artists like Roni Horn, Mona Hatoum or Rachel Whiteread. Repetition, the grid and systematic production strategies: these are the essential formal elements of both historical Minimalism and, tempered with a conceptualist emphasis on linguistic and administrative processes, of the work of a growing number of contemprary artists. But the rhetoric of power that characterezed Minimalsim and the fetishization of language that marked Conceptual art have been largely displaced in this work...

Kelly Mark: Approximately

Solo Exhibition Brochure

Published by: Eye Level Gallery. Halifax, 1997
Text: Ingrid Jenkner
Design: Moritz Gaede
6 page soft cover brochure

Kelly Mark makes certain, in her typically laconic way, that each body of work she exhibits will register her presence as maker. Given that her art is neither confessional nor lyrical, the Mark persona tends to emerge through myriad small acts, both physical and administrative, whose traces are meticulously documented. Seriality, repetition, and gridded formats confer anonymity. The works in Approximately wear these formats like a uniform; they are costumed in the production strategies fo the recent avant-garde. In Approximately, Kelly Mark presents the visual conventions of minimal and conceptual art as the props of an obsessional personality.

Southwest Triennial: Public Order

Group Exhibition Catalogue

Published by: Art Gallery of Windsor. Windsor, 1997
Curated by: Robin Metcalfe
Text: Robin Metcalfe
Design: Moritz Gaede & Robin Metcalfe
24 page soft cover book
ISBN 0-919837-55-7

Small As A Way Of Working

Group Exhibition Brochure

Published by: Owens Art Gallery. Sackville, 1996
Curated by: Barbara Carter
Text: Barbara Carter
Forward: Gemey Kelly
8 page fold out brochure
ISBN 0-88828-133-1

The works in this exhibition are by artists who in the pst have shown some interest in making small objects. Bringing their work together within the gallery space provides the opportunity to examine various processes and ways of working. Included in the exhibition are works which show a diversity of methods and materials and explore such notions as repetition, collecting, and accumulating as determinants in the prodedure of art making.

London Life Young Contemporaries '96

Group Exhibition Catalogue

Published by: London Regional Art & Historical Museums. London, 1996
Curated by: James Patten
Text: James Patten
Forward: Ted Fraser
Photography: John Tamblyn
88 page soft cover book
ISBN 1-895800-37-4

London Life Young Contemporaries '96 is one of only a few national exhibitions to survey the work of younger artists in Canada. The show indicates prevailing trends and emerging talents in the visual arts.


Group Exhibition Catalogue

Published by: Eyelevel Gallery. Halifax, 1996
Curated by: Moritz Gaede
Text: Moritz Gaede
8 page soft cover book
ISBN 0-9698472-7-0

Effluent brings together selected works by ten members of eyelevel gallery. Although a variety of media are represented, the exhibition centers around painting and sculpture, reflecting two areas of critical focus among Halifax artists.

Compact Abundance

Two Person Exhibition Brochure
Shelly Low, Kelly Mark

Published by: Articule Gallery. Montreal, 1996
Curated by: Vida Simon & Valérie Lamontagne
Text: Vida Simon & Valérie Lamontagne
Design: Monique Moumblow
Translation: Claire Gravel
6 page fold out brochure with French and English text
ISBN 2-920306-06-5

Compact Abundance came about in the context of a selection committee where the differences between Kelly Mark's at times severe minimalist work, and Shelly Low's highly detailed constellations, were discusses at length. Through the process of outlining oppositional factors in their work we soon realized that inherent similarities, such as their use of systems, categorization and natural materials, also intimately linked them. This exhibition is an opportunity to display the spectrum of relationships between these two artists.

Bill Crane, Kelly Mark, Carl Trahan

Three Person Exhibition Brochure
Bill Crane, Kelly Mark, Carl Trahan

Published by: Mercer Union. Toronto, 1996
Curated by: Vida Simon & Valérie Lamontagne
Text: Lisa Gabrielle Mark
Design: Petra Chevrier
5 page soft cover brochure

Kelly Mark Works

Solo Exhibition Brochure

Published by: Mount Saint Vincent University Art Gallery. Halifax, 1995
Curated by: Ingrid Jenkner
Text: Ingrid Jenkner
Design: Robert Tombs
Photography: Marion Bryson
5 page fold out brochure
ISBN 1-895215-51-X

Kelly Mark's participation in local exhibitions over the past year has already established her as a contributor to the renewal of critically motivated sculpture in Halifax. This exhibition, her first solo exhibition in a public art gallery, offers the opportunity to consider her work in a new context, that of the MSVU Art Gallery's traditional emphasis on women as cultural subjects and producers.

Object Lessons: Eight Nova Scotia Sculptors

Group Exhibition Catalogue

Published by: Art Gallery of Nova Scotia. Halifax, 1995
Curated by: Robin Metcalfe
Text: Robin Metcalfe
Forward: Bernard Riordon
30 page soft cover book
ISBN 0-88871-316-9

Sculpture is about moving and changing matter. It is about space and objects and how we experience them. The object, like us, is a material thing that occupies space, has mass and form and a certain size. Like us, it is scarred or changed by processes acting upon it. It is also a social and conceptual thing. Its meaning, boundaries, value, and function are shaped by cultural processes.

Sculpture Expo 94' - The Mall Show

Group Exhibition Catalogue

Published by: Saint Mary's University Art Gallery. Halifax, 1994
Curated by: Phil Grauer
Text: Ray Cronin
Design: Robert Tombs
Photography: Marion Bryson
31 page soft cover book
ISBN 1-8957763-34-7

In these overly self-reflexive times, sculpture can be seen as a stubborn holdout that refuses to adopt the fashionable stances. Sculpture's recalcitrance is rooted partley in its unambiguous object quality. The medium resists easy classification and cannot be comfortable framed in terms of its relationship to the viewer. It doesn't exist in the comfortable fiction of the picture plane but competes witht he viewer for room, challenging our instrumental culture by having no set function.