Everything and Nothing - 2013/14
15-20 minute performance done over 6 hours with breaks.
Originally commissioned by Eleanor King for Nocturne. Halifax, Nova Scotia 2013
Halifax performers: myself & Steve Higgins
Photo credit: Jan Peacock

A spoken word performance between a man and a woman about everything and nothing. In a more or less alphabetical order, the performance begins with a woman reciting a common everyday phrase beginning with the word everything, a man then replies with a similar phrase beginning with the word nothing.

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Exhibition History:
2013 Nocturne (Halifax NS); 2013 Nuit Blanche: Winnipeg Art Gallery (Winnipeg MB); 2014 Nuit Blanche (Toronto ON); 2018 The Darling Foundry (Montreal PQ); 2019 Casino Luxembourg: Forum of Contemporary Art (Luxembourg EU);