All in a Day's Work - 2009
8 hour artist talk between 9 am and 5 pm on November 5, 2009
Commission by James Prior for DHC Art. Montreal, Quebec

"As part of the DHC/ART’s fall Sessions exhibition series, Living Time, Canadian artist Kelly Mark was invited to present a new durational performance piece. Inspired by the theme Living Time, Mark’s performance, All in a Day’s Work, adopted the framework of a typical workday, presenting an artist talk from 9AM to 5PM with two fifteen minute breaks and a one hour lunch.
For Kelly Mark, time is very much an instance between things, an unspectacular moment neither here nor there that encapsulates the seemingly ongoing labours of the everyday. As the title suggest, All in a Day’s Work makes a clear connection between time and labour. The performance de-mystifies the role of the artist by unraveling the scripted formula of the artist talks. Over the eight-hour workday, Mark presents a less selective conversation and the talk becomes a test of endurance both on the part of the audience as well as the artist. Through the performance, Mark transforms the figure of the artist into that of a labourer, attempting to remind us all that art is as much about labour as is it is about culture." - James Prior