CAG/FAG - 2008/2009
Site specific window-poster installation
Commisioned by Jenifer Papararo for the exhibition Keep the IS in FEMINISM. Contemporary Art Gallery, Vancouver
Photo credit: Jenifer Papararo

"Keep the IS in FEMINISM is a collection of new Feminist slogan's commissioned for the Contemporary Art Gallery's street front vitrines. For this project we invited prominent feminist artists along with emerging artists both female and male to 'reinvent the 'f' word: feminism,' a directive taken from the renowned New York artist and activist collective Guerilla Girls." - Jenifer Papararo, Curator

Artists in the exhibition included: Kate Davis, Dave Dyment, Emily Vey Duke and Cooper Battersby, Hadley + Maxwell, FASTWÜRMS, Randy Lee Cutler, Kelly Mark, Micah Lexier, Myfanwy Macleod, Isabelle Pauwels, Kristina Podesva, Jeanne Randolph, Martha Wilson, and Elizabeth Zvonar.