Glow House #4 - 2009
House, 35-40 television sets, coaxial cables, splitters & signal booster
Commissioned by Micah Lexier for the exhibition Here Now or Nowhere, off-site projects for The Prairie Art Gallery. Grand Prairie AB, 2009. Thanks to Jayne & Cameron Tofer
Photo Credit: Germaine Koh

Television sets were distributed throughout the house and all tuned to the same channel. The small flicker of light emanating from each synched TV is then turned into a ‘pulse’ of light throughout the entire house. As the scenes change, from whatever television program is airing at the moment, the house flashes and pulses as all televisions are in sync with one another. Gives the eerie impressions that the entire house has been gutted to create one vast illuminated space. During commercials it is as if fireworks are going off inside…

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