Power Plant Membership Card: Admit One - 2009

As a member of The Power Plant’s Board of Directors, Toronto-based artist Kelly Mark conceptualized the Membership card commissioning program, suggesting that The Power Plant commission a different artist to design the cards each year. It was only fitting that Mark should receive the inaugural Membership card commission in 2009. Her design entitled Admit One is consistent with her overall approach to her work, which focuses on rethinking the everyday.

Admit One appropriates the generic image of an ‘Admit One’ ticket and recontextualizes it with the pithy words, “Regret…and then get over it,” suggesting that the emotional experience of regret ought to be treated as though it were a ticketed event with a definite duration. The unexpected association of a mundane object that normally evokes pleasure or leisure with a personal, distressing experience provokes reflection regarding the nature of the latter. While Mark acknowledges the necessity of facing one’s regrets, she also playfully proposes a practical approach to dealing with an otherwise difficult, and at times enduring, experience.