Sound Bites - 2002
Site specific audio installation in 6 parts for The Koffler Gallery. Toronto, 2002
Basket Ball Court, Theatre Applause, Violin Lesson, Excercise Class, Badminton Game, Swimming Lesson
6 Metal wall cabinets, cd players, speakers and wiring. 18" x 14" x 6" each

The main focus of Sound-Bites was to try and bring as many of the separate and unique environments of the sprawling Koffler center together in order to form a more cohesive experience of the place. Upon my initial visit the thing that first attracted my attention were the varied sounds of the place. (The sound of a single person on the basketball court, the running shoes squeaking on the highly waxed floors, and the ball echoing off the floor...A child practicing her violin...Applause from within the theatre...A swimming lesson...)

Regarding the final output and installation of these audio pieces, I thought back to my initial encounters with them…how I arrived at them…literally. It was through traveling hallways, going up and down staircases, entering elevators and following outdoor paths. All of these act as vital public arteries connecting each area – all of which in turn paradoxically act as distances between each area. I then realized it was these crucial midway points that I would focus my attention on. So I installed 6 discreet white utility boxes in these areas each playing a captured looped sound from different parts of the Koffler complex. I displaced and inserted these isolated audio elements into other areas of the center. For instance the audio recording of applause from the theater was located outside the basket ball court and the violin lesson recording was placed near the swimming pool etc...

Exhibition History:
2002 Koffler Gallery (Toronto ON)

Violin Lesson