The 12 Apostles - 2002
12 duraflex prints
24" x 36" each
Edition of 2 private collections

Documentation of a storefront mannequin every month for one year. These images were shot from the street, hence the heavy window reflection. This work falls in line with a recurring element in a lot of the work I have done in the past…a time based project with emphasis on sameness yet subtle differences within uniformity. The title The 12 Apostles came about sometime halfway through the documentation as I began to fear that one day ‘she’ would no longer be there. When I begin such a project I must always take a proverbial ‘leap of faith’ that it will actually succeed. Comically, the title also refers to the mannequin's blank stare and upward gaze, similar to some sort of raptured religious exultation.

Exhibition History:
2002 Wynick-Tuck Gallery (Toronto ON); 2005 Ottawa Art Gallery (Ottawa ON); 2007 Blackwood Gallery (Mississauga ON);