Object Carried For One Year - 1997
Engraved aluminum bar carried in back pocket for one year
5" x 1" x .5"
Private Collection

Christina Ritchie: Literalist of the Imagination. Toronto: AGO, 1997 (catalogue excerpt)
“Ideas about time, duration and process became entwined with performance and body art of the 1970's, a lesson that Mark has recuperated for Object Carried for One Year. Wherever she went, Mark carried a small aluminum bar in the back pocket of her jeans for a year. Because of the softness of the metal, it registered the year's worth of bumps and abrasions that accompanied her daily routines. At the same time that the bar registered these traces of the artist's physical existence, it became a kind of fetish object, a thing that she was compelled to observe and handle on a constant basis. At the end of the year the bar was engraved, like a trophy, with the artist's name and the title and date of the work. Engraved at a tacky jewellery shop at the mall, Object Carried for One Year takes on the aspect of an award of merit, an acknowledgement for getting through, and ultimately, letting go of an obsession.”

Micah Lexier: "Kelly Mark Made This"

Exhibition History:
1997 Art Gallery of Ontario (Toronto ON); 2000 Contemporary Art Gallery (Vancouver BC); 2007 Blackwood Gallery, University of Toronto (Mississauga ON); 2007 Belkin Satellite Gallery (Vancouver BC); 2008 Cambridge Galleries (Cambridge ON); 2008 Mount Saint Vincent University Art Gallery (Halifax NS); 2008 Vox Gallery (Montreal PQ); 2010 Kenderdine Art Gallery (Saskatoon SK);