A Man & A Woman - 2007
Single-channel video, black & white w/ sound
8 minutes
Edition of 5 & 1 AP
Installation view of The Big Screen Project. New York, 2011. Curated by David Andrew Frey for Culture Hall.

While working on my 2-hour mash-up movie REM I kept a log book of every movie I watched during this time. The text for A Man & A Woman comes from the movie synopsis listed on the cable tv menu. The piece starts off with one word descriptions and then more and more adjectives are added.

Exhibition History:
2007 JM Barnicke Gallery (Hart House) University of Toronto (Toronto ON); 2007 Blackwood Gallery, University of Toronto (Mississauga ON); 2008 Cambridge Galleries (Cambridge ON); 2008 Platform Gallery (Seattle WA); 2008 MSVU Art Gallery (Halifax NS); 2008 Lawrence Eng Gallery (Vancouver BC); 2008 VOX Gallery (Montreal PQ); 2009 Diaz Contemporary (Toronto ON); 2010 Kenderdine Art Gallery (Saskatoon SK); 2011 Art Gallery of Windsor (Windsor ON); 2011 Big Screen Project (New York NY);