Hiccup #2 (Birmingham) - 2003
5-channel video installation: 15 minutes each, silent
Commissioned by the IKON Gallery, Birmingham UK.
Photo Credit: Reuben Henry

This 5-channel video is based on the original 30 day performance that took place daily between 8:45 am & 9:00 am at Central Tech High School in downtown Toronto. I was invited by at the Ikon Gallery in Birmingham England to recreate this work in the UK. I performed the exact same set of movements as the original Hiccup piece on a set of similar concrete stairs in a very busy public area in downtown Birmingham. For this version I chose to do it between 12:00 & 12:15 pm during lunch hour from Monday to Friday.

Exhibition History:
2005 Musee D'Art Contemporain (Montreal PQ); 2006 Henry Art Gallery (Seattle WA); 2006 Ikon Gallery (Birmingham UK); 2006 Surrey Art Gallery (Surrey BC); 2007 Blackwood Gallery, University of Toronto (Mississauga ON); 2008 MSVU Gallery (Halifax NS); 2014 Ikon Gallery: Birmingham Hippodrome (Birmingham UK)