Installation view of Room #1 The National Gallery of Canada, Ottawa. 2008/09

REM - 2007
4-channel video installation: 2 hours, 15 minutes, colour & sound.
Components: 4 CRT televisions, DVD player, RF modulator, splitter, RCA cable & coaxial cables.
Four furnished rooms: Couches, chairs, coffee tables, side tables, rugs, lamps, pillows, wall clocks & ashtrays.
Installation dimensions: Four 8' walls placed together to form a cross, approximately 16' x 16' x 8'.
Edition of 2 & 1 AP (1 of 2: Collection of The National Gallery of Canada, Ottawa)

A feature length video mash-up consisting of 170 different sources taken from television during a 4 month period between April 1 & July 31, 2007.

INTERPRETED SYNOPSIS: Commissioned from Brian Joseph Davis: "In a Nightmare, You Cant Change the Channel"
LIST OF MOVIES: Does not include commercials

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Exhibition History:
2007 Justina M Barnicke Gallery (Toronto ON); 2008 Cambridge Galleries (Cambridge ON); 2008 Platform Gallery (Seattle WA); 2008 Mount Saint Vincent University Art Gallery (Halifax NS); 2008 MSVU Art Gallery (Halifax NS); 2008 Lawrence Eng Gallery (Vancouver BC); 2008 VOX Gallery (Montreal QC); 2008 National Gallery of Canada (Ottawa ON); 2010 Kenderdine Art Gallery (Saskatoon SK); 2011 Art Gallery of Windsor (Windsor ON); 2018 MoCA Salon (Belgrade, Serbia); 2018 Pro Arts (Oakland, California);