Everything and Nothing (script) - 2013
Live public performance, approximately 15-20 minutes

EVERYTHING a woman needs - NOTHING a man won't do
EVERYTHING a man likes to hear - NOTHING like a woman scorned
EVERYTHING bad that can happen will happen - NOTHING is ever so bad that it can’t get worse
EVERYTHING bad happens for a reason - NOTHING bad lasts forever
EVERYTHING balances out in the end - NOTHING matters in the end
EVERYTHING but what I wanted hear - NOTHING but the truth
EVERYTHING can change in a heartbeat - NOTHING can change the past
EVERYTHING can change when you least expect it - NOTHING can change the way I feel about you
EVERYTHING changes everything stays the same - NOTHING changes until you do
EVERYTHING comes with a price tag - NOTHING comes with a guarantee
EVERYTHING comes down to love - NOTHING else matters
EVERYTHING comes back full circle - NOTHING ever changes
EVERYTHING comes when you least expect it - NOTHING comes to those who wait
EVERYTHING comes with time - NOTHING time won’t heal
EVERYTHING could have been different between us - NOTHING could be further from the truth
EVERYTHING has a way of working itself out - NOTHING good can come from this
EVERYTHING good turns to shit - NOTHING good lasts forever
EVERYTHING has a breaking point - NOTHING breaks like a broken promise
EVERYTHING has a changed - NOTHING has a changed but you
EVERYTHING I do is for you - NOTHING I do is ever good enough for you
EVERYTHING you say is a lie - NOTHING lies like true love
EVERYTHING I say seems to go in one ear and out the other - NOTHING You say makes any god damn sense
EVERYTHING You say annoys me - NOTHING Annoys me more than exaggeration
EVERYTHING in moderation - NOTHING in excess
EVERYTHING is as it should be - NOTHING is ever as it seems
EVERYTHING is different now - NOTHING is constant but change
EVERYTHING is easier said than done - NOTHING is easier than finding fault
EVERYTHING is happening so fast - NOTHING Happens without a reason
EVERYTHING is over between us - NOTHING is over until I say it is
EVERYTHING is lost - NOTHING is lost on you is it?
EVERYTHING is not always about you - NOTHING is always a clever thing to say
EVERYTHING is more complicated than you think - NOTHING complicates friendship like love
EVERYTHING is a little bit clearer now - NOTHING is more dangerous than a little knowledge
EVERYTHING is just nothing with a twist - NOTHING is larger than everything
EVERYTHING is possible - NOTHING is impossible
EVERYTHING is possible if you put your mind to it - NOTHING is impossible only highly improbable
EVERYTHING is possible the impossible just takes longer - NOTHING can possibly go wrong then
EVERYTHING is predetermined - NOTHING if not predictable
EVERYTHING is permanent - NOTHING is permanent but change
EVERYTHING is worth what someone is willing to pay for it - NOTHING is worth that much
EVERYTHING old can be new again - NOTHING is older than the idea that this is new
EVERYTHING should be free - NOTHING says freedom like getting away with it
EVERYTHING should be legal - NOTHING is illegal until you get caught
EVERYTHING should be made as simple as possible - NOTHING is so complex that it cannot be explained simply
EVERYTHING is so simple when you know how - NOTHING is ever as simple as it first seems
EVERYTHING should be questioned - NOTHING should be taken for granted
EVERYTHING tastes like chicken - NOTHING tastes like the real thing
EVERYTHING tastes better with miracle whip - NOTHING tastes as sweet as what you can't have
EVERYTHING that can be counted does not necessarily count - NOTHING counts more than winning
EVERYTHING that counts cannot necessarily be counted - NOTHING matters but everything counts
EVERYTHING that I feared has come to pass - NOTHING should be feared but fear itself
EVERYTHING to gain nothing to lose - NOTHING ventured nothing gained
EVERYTHING will be alright… don’t worry - NOTHING will be as it was
EVERYTHING will look better in the morning - NOTHING would surprise me at this point
EVERYTHING will be worth it in the end - NOTHING ends well that's why it ends

People who think they know EVERYTHING are a great annoyance to those of us who do
The only true wisdom is in knowing you know NOTHING

Everything that can be counted does not necessarily count - Albert Einstein
Everything that counts cannot necessarily be counted - Albert Einstein
Everything is predetermined - Albert Einstein / Ramana Maharshi
Everything is possible, the impossible just takes longer - Dan Brown
Nothing is possible, only highly improbable - Douglas Adams
Nothing is permanent but change - Heraclitus
The only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing - Socrates