Rosemary Heather: “Kelly Mark: Always Working". Canadian Art, Vol 24 #4, Winter 2007 (excerpt)

Like the sculpture of Donald Judd, many of Mark's works find form through repetition. In the ongoing performance In & Out (1997-), Mark punches a time clock installed in her studio every time she starts and finishes working on art. That her studio doubles as her living space points to the fluidity the artist sustains between the two modes; the punch clock performance stands as a wry commentary on how very thin the dividing line is between the two for the artist. Adding a further dimension of self-deprecation to the piece is the fact that since 1999 it has been owned by the Toronto collector Dr. Paul Marks, meaning that Mark, in effect, has a "boss" who pays her on a yearly basis for the work. Currently, employer and employee in this arrangement are looking for a buyer for the piece, preferably a Canadian art institution that has the vision to match Mark's long-term commitment to her art." - Rosemary Heather