Horroridor - 2008 (48 sec video excerpt)
Six-channel video installation
10 minutes
Commissioned by Wayne Baerwaldt for Scotiabank Nuit Blanche, 2008
Video excerpt from youtube post by gloomygrrl. Full video here

Utilizing found footage from various genres including horror-thriller-sci/fi-action-drama-comedy. The installation examines Hollywood’s construction of the reaction to the unknown. Horroridor strips away narrative to a non-articulated response of fear, horror, pain, madness, rage and frustration, by isolating men and women screaming to unknown forces that threaten existence.

Stuart F. Andrews: "Scream & Scream Again". Rue Morgue Magazine. Issue #86 Jan/Feb, 2009

Exhibition History:
2008 Scotia Bank Nuit Blanche (Toronto ON)