Six video stills: Dolly, Steven, Olivier, Queenie, Yorkie & Zena

Liverpool A-Z - 2006
Single-channel video in 26 parts. 3 hours, 20 minutes, colour & sound
Commissioned by FACT for the Liverpool Biennial International 06. Curated by Manray Hsu
Produced with the assistance of Tenant Spin, a Liverpool based community TV Channel

“Liverpool A-Z” explores the depth and vitality of the city of Liverpool in a series of 26 films, each fifteen minute in length, focusing on the city’s greatest asset: its people.
Taking a cue from traditional A-Z tourist guides, the Artist navigated the city through different personalities, using first names as a point of entry. Kelly became part of the community, living in the city during the whole production process and filming on site in a local flat.
The project had three points of entry into the public realm. Twice daily installments were shown on the BBC Big Screen located in Clayton Square, a busy shopping location in central Liverpool. A consistent time slot and familiar visual set up allowed the project to achieve a “soap opera” type feel, with installments screened for the duration of the Biennial 2006.
In addition to this, a touch screen display was exhibited in FACT’s Media Lounge, with a recreated domestic environment providing the atmosphere. Finally the work was also streamed via the tenantspin website. This multi-faceted output allowed the project a unique opportunity to be consumed by varying audiences in different formats.
The real key to the project was the artist’s collaboration and journey with 26 Liverpool residents of varying age, profession, gender and race, providing a real “snap shot” of life within this city."

Exhibition History:
2006 FACT (Foundation for Art & Creative Technology) Liverpool UK & Liverpool BBC Big Screen.